DieHumane's debut album 'The Grotesque'. The cover shows a man in suit with suspenders holding several colored balloons. His head is covered in some kind of mask, as he stands in a grass field in front of a dilapidated house near some telephone poles

The Grotesque - Vinyl - Double Album (Pre-Order)

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Pre-Order DieHumane's debut album on Vinyl!

Gatefold Double Album with Bonus Track.

Choose between Standard or Limited Edition.

Standard Edition Black Vinyl.
Limited Edition Color Vinyl. Signed and Numbered Limited Run of 100.

Expected early August '23

Track listing:

1. The Executively Dysfunctional
2. King Of Nothing (The Bruiser)
3. Standing At The Edge Of Forever
4. Shell Shock
5. The Death Knell
6. Epitaph
7. Oblivion
8. The Vanishing
9. Ghosts
10. Aphasia
11. Nevermind
12. Crossroads
13. The Descent
14. The Devil Sings
15. Sparrows
16. Skeletons
17. Stardust Blues
(+ Bonus Track)

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