Collection: Raven Black

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Raven Black are a theatrical metal act from Michigan. Their unique brand of metal - influenced by gothic, classical, and circus music - is the soundtrack to vocalist Raven’s curse, as she, The Doctor (guitar) , Stitches (bass), and The Demon (drums) are traveling the world to tell their story. 

The Doctor, a Voodoo Priest, came across a lost and scared little girl. He cursed her with a magic spell to turn her into a doll. The curse was disrupted by her terrifying and taunting screams, and the girl remained half human. As Raven lived in the dark world of the Doctor, she secretly learned his magic and conjured up Muppet, The Demon. She made him her eternal protector and trapped him inside her heart. The Doctor and Muppet created Stitches to help search for lost souls looking to join their dark world. Welcome to the dark metal carnival!