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Geil U.K. was formed in 2013 by Fürst vøn WürstenbergChina, and DG Talman. With a  wide variety of influences ranging from Disco and EDM  to Country and Rock, they are the self-proclaimed kings of "Country-Industrial".  Hailing from various parts of the globe the band currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

The originators of Country-Industrial music bring you a genre-bending debut filled with hooks, heavy grooves, and happiness. Disco and EDM seamlessly meld with Country and Rock on an album inspired by Johnny Cash, Rammstein, and Fallout Boy alike.

Geil (Guy-el):
German for 'horny' or 'rad'. And who doesn't like to be horny or rad?

United Kingdom. 'We love the Queen. And Harry Potter.'