Raven Black - The Key - CD cover
Raven Black - The Key - CD cover
Raven Black - The Key - inside
Raven Black - The Key - inside panel
Raven Black - The Key - CD
RavenBlack-TheKey-standard edition-blue disk-black and white cover

Raven Black - The Key - CD

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On their third album ‘The Key’, Raven Black’s musical journey takes the foursome into the depths of hell and celebrates their eventual escape. As the soundtrack to their second comic book issue ‘A Dark Metal Carnival - We Came Across The Darkness’, the songs on ‘The Key’ depict the various encounters Raven, Muppet, Doctor, and Stitches have to endure while experiencing their own personal hell. During their escape from the darkness, they find out the truth about ‘The Key’ and make their way to the Dark Metal Carnival.

Track listing:

1. Mirror Mirror
2. Hear Me Cry
3. Darkest Pit
4. He Is The One
5. My Demons
6. The Key
7. Risen From The Ashes
8. 5 Feet Underground
9. Carnival
10. We Are The Rejects
11. In The Silence

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